There are 11 active eating clubs at Princeton University that function as both dining and social options for undergraduate students. See below for a list of the clubs.

The CS-ICC is one of three interclub councils. The other two councils are the Interclub Council (ICC) and the Graduate Interclub Council (GICC). The ICC is comprised of all of the Presidents of all of the eating clubs, and the GICC is comprised of all of the Grad Board Chairs of all of the eating clubs. The Community Service Interclub Council (CS-ICC) is made up of the Community Service Chairs of all of the eating clubs. Each of the Princeton eating clubs has one or more community service chairs who organize service projects for the members of their club. There are over 20 community service chairs from all eleven eating clubs who are members of the CS-ICC (pictured below).

List of Clubs:

  • Cannon Dial Elm

  • Cap & Gown Club

  • Charter Club

  • Cloister Inn

  • Colonial Club

  • University Cottage Club

  • Ivy Club

  • Quadrangle Club

  • Terrace Club

  • Tiger Inn

  • Tower Club

To learn more about all of the clubs, please visit the Princeton Eating Club website.